2019 FGTA Singles Tournament
August 3-4 & August 10-11

Registration for the A & B Open Draws will be closing tomorrow at noon. There are only a few spots left, so please be aware that if you have not registered yet, participation in the tournament is not guaranteed. If you registered and are no longer able to play, please let us know.

The Women's Draw will be played on the second weekend of the tournament, 8/10-8/11. Registration for this event will remain open until next Wednesday, 8/7, at noon.

Court availability will be extremely limited this weekend, but we encourage everyone to come out to watch and cheer! Merchandise will be available for sale.

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Court Updates

Garbage and Recycling

The garbage bins have been removed from the courts and large garbage and recycling cans have been installed directly outside of the court entrance. Please remember to bring all of your garbage and recycling with you when you leave the courts and dispose of it using the appropriate can. Check out our recycling page for information about recycling at the courts!

Locking the Courts

Starting next week, the courts will be locked overnight in an attempt to stop prohibited activities from damaging our new courts. We will be using a combination lock so that anyone with the code is able to lock/unlock the courts. Look out for an email from us later this week for additional information, including the code for the lock.

Court Reopening Event

Thank you to everyone who participated in our court reopening event Saturday morning! It was a huge hit! Pictures from the event will be posted soon.

See you out there,

Fort Greene Tennis Association
Balls recycled as of 7/15/2019: 2,200