Our first ever Tennis Lover's Gift Guide

Do you have a tennis lover on your list? Are your friends and family asking you what you want? A few ideas from our own tennis community. You're welcome.


Racquet Magazine Subscription

Racquet is a new quarterly magazine that celebrates the art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis. We fondly remember the swashbuckling sport of the tennis boom of the 1970s and ’80s, and our goal is to help restore some of that swagger to today’s game. We’ll work with some of the best writers - those experienced in the tennis conversation, and those who've never covered the sport - as well as artists and photographers to explore the modern tennis landscape, bringing you something beautiful and meaningful four times a year. 


Fedegraphica: A Graphic Biography of the Genius of Roger Federer

Adored around the world, Federer has become one of sport's most iconic and popular figures. In this innovative graphic biography, Federer's genius is explored and celebrated like never before, with beautiful infographics looking at his serving patterns, the speed of his shots, the spin he generates, his movement, as well as his performance in high-pressure situations such as tiebreaks and Grand Slam finals. The infographics, stunning photography and insight and analysis will give you a new appreciation of his greatness and how his tennis has moved so many people.


Racket Stringing by local Fort Greene Experts

Are you still heading into Paragon to get your racket strung? Look no further than Fort Greene where two locals are doing the job for around $20 (plus string).

Contact Jahdiel Williams at jadi222002@yahoo.com or Jason Duval at 347-229-3695 to arrange a stringing. If you insist on going to the city, check out Roman Prokes at RPNY for "celebrity stringing" services.  


Levels of the Game by John McPhee

This account of a tennis match played by Arthur Ashe against Clark Graebner at Forest Hills in 1968 begins with the ball rising into the air for the initial serve and ends with the final point. McPhee provides a brilliant, stroke-by-stroke description while examining the backgrounds and attitudes which have molded the players' games.  


Tennis Warehouse for everything else

Tennis Warehouse has pretty much everything else including warm sweatpants for the cold winter months. Their selection is almost overwhelming, but you're sure to find something for your tennis fan (or let's face it, for yourself...). A gift certificate is perfect for the last minute.

Tennis Travel all over the World

If you can't find the right gift, you can always find the perfect Tennis Resort or Tennis Academy to play and stay. Simply pick your destination, narrow your preferences, and book your next trip! We always make sure you receive the advertised price. Explore some of our popular tennis holiday destinations for the best tennis vacations and tennis camps in the World.