Official Play Starts May 8

What's the Ladder all about?

Every year the FGTA runs a ladder-style competition in which players challenge each other to matches to improve their ranking. It’s a great way to meet new people, find hitting partners and improve your game. 

We run two ladders from May 8 through September 17. The "A" ladder is for more experienced players (NTRP 3.5-4.5). The "B" ladder is for beginners and intermediate players (NTRP 2.0-3.0) or for higher rated players that want practice at organized match play. At the end of the season, the top 8 from each ladder will participate in a tournament for ladder players only!

The cost is $45 and all proceeds go to resurfacing the Fort Greene Tennis Courts.

What's different this year?

This year, we’re doing a “bump-based” ladder. A successful challenge means a player will get the new spot and all other players are “bumped” down. No more confusing “points system.” Click here to see a full set of rules.

It's past May 8, can I still sign up?

Yes, you can still sign up. With the bump system you will simply be put at the bottom of the rankings and can challenge your way up.

It’s all automated

Once you sign up and pay the entry fee, you'll receive an email with login information allowing you to submit scores and keep track of your ranking.


  • Pay the $45 fee via PayPal to
  • Or send a check made out to "Fort Greene Tennis Association"  to: Ben Stickney, 153 Lafayette Ave. #4, Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • You will be registered once your payment is received

Your ladder admin is Ben Stickney and can be emailed at if you have any questions.

Good luck!