Locking the Courts - Combination is 2019

Starting tomorrow, the courts will be locked overnight using a combination lock. The lock is intended to keep out skateboarders, dogs, and others who may damage the courts by using them for activities other than tennis. Based on input from the contractors and Parks Department, we believe that this will help preserve the resurfacing and increase the lifespan of the courts.

The combination for the lock is 2019. These numbers must be facing the front of the lock. Anyone may unlock the courts in the morning (no need to wait for a park attendant). If you are the last one to get off the courts in the evening, please lock the courts when you leave.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at tennis@fortgreenetennis.org.

See you out there,

Fort Greene Tennis Association
Balls recycled as of 8/6/2019: 2,400