• Fort Greene tennis courts are run by the City of New York, so you'll need a Full-Season Permit or Single-Play Permit to get onto the courts. For the first time, permits are all available online.

  • Fort Greene tennis courts are open from dawn to dusk, weather permitting.

  • You cannot make advance reservations on Fort Greene courts, they are first come, first served on the day.

  • During certain times of the week there is a park attendant present at the courts. If there is an attendant present, they will have the official signup sheet. You'll need a permit to sign up.

  • If there is not attendant, there may be an official signup sheet posted - you can use this signup sheet to sign up for a court - write both player names and a permit number. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MULTIPLE COURTS FOR ANY REASON. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANYONE ELSE FOR ANY REASON. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PLAY ONE HOUR OF SINGLES OR TWO HOURS OF DOUBLES DURING ANY ONE DAY.

  • If there is no attendant and no official signup sheet, it is first come first served. Once you're on court, if you're playing singles with only 2 people on court, you may play for up to 1 hour. If you are playing doubles with 4 people on one court, you may play for up to 2 hours. IF YOU HAVE PLAYED YOUR TIME, LEAVE THE COURT IF THERE ARE PEOPLE WAITING TO COME ON.

  • These are the official NYC Parks rules.

  • Schedule for attendants at Fort Greene Tennis Courts:

    • Wednesday thru Sunday: 7:30am to 4:00 pm

    • Monday and Tuesday there will be a signup sheet but may not be an attendant present

Signup sheets

Only the official NYC Park signup sheet will be honored. Any names or scheduling preferences included in homemade signup sheets will not be honored by the court attendant. Also, the official signup sheets were sometimes posted the previous night, however that was also causing confusion. So now, signup sheets will only be posted in the mornings.