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Lincoln Terrace Invitational Event

Fort Greene Tennis Association and Lincoln Terrace have a great history of social competition. This year, the invitational returns to Fort Greene Courts. We will be providing food, drink and community tennis. This year we will be combining teams so you will get to play with new friends and competitors.

If you want to work on match play in a fun environment or meet other tennis players in the neighborhood, now's your chance! Register today. The event is free, but if you'd like to make a small donation ($5-10) to offset the cost of lunch we would appreciate it! 

Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017
Time: 12noon - 6pm
Location: Fort Greene Courts

Court Availability

Please note the courts will be very busy from 12-6pm so please schedule other matches at other times. Or just join us at with Lincoln Terrace!

Volunteers Needed

We're looking for a few volunteers to help with setup and lunch if you'd like to help.